Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What I Do, Why I Do It

This little blog here is my space where I talk about what I love. Science Fiction. Fantasy. Horror. Slipstream. Steampunk. Space Opera. Alternate History. Basically anything that those who split the genre-hairs are collectively calling Speculative Fiction.

I think that in reality, all fiction is fantasy on some level. If it did not happen, it is make-believe. If it is not true, it's a lie. And I love being lied to. If everything in the south-west third of my local Barnes & Noble is a lie, it's that smaller, darker section near the restrooms that lies the loudest.

When we speculate, we have the ability to find out the truth about ourselves. To imagine a world. To imagine future. That is why I love Speculative Fiction. There is so much that is new. Wonder and clarity being sought and distinguished every day. The literary/mainstream crowd lies spartanly. Their deceits are so pedantically pedestrian. No truth is sought in their lies. Nothing I can not read in the daily press or see by looking out my window is shown to me. And as nothing is discovered, nothing is learned.

This is what we gain though the lies of speculative fiction. And this is why I read, why I collect. I have another passion though, also. I love book for more than just what truths I can glean from the tales. I love the books for their book-ness, their very essence on my shelves. So while I'll talk about things that are new and exciting, I'll also talk about my recent acquisitions: old to the world, but newly finding a home on my walls. Whether a leather-bound numbered collector edition or a ratty paperback, it is all welcome here.

So come. Tell me a story, lie to me. And while you're at it, I'll tell you why I love you.


P.S. The name of this blog and the nature of this reader owes much to the late Arthur C. Clarke. The tale is a quick one and well worth the entrance price. Check it out here, free online.

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